Dear Good Vibes Festival ticketholders:

We don’t often write to you directly. But these have been extraordinary times, so we are doing extraordinary things. We hope you can spare a bit of your time to hear what we have to say.

First of all - thank you for your support over the past 10 years. We had a crazy dream, in 2013, to build a local homegrown music festival, where music lovers could get together and have fun and enjoy themselves, and that would allow Malaysians to experience great music from local as well as international artists.

We built the Good Vibes brand from scratch. It has not been an easy journey and we had to constantly prove ourselves in the beginning - trying to attract attendees and international acts to play a small festival in Southeast Asia that no one had even heard of at the time. Through the years, the festival grew bigger and bigger - more acts, more days, more attendees - and soon we began selling out tickets and capturing the attention of artists around the world.

Then the pandemic happened. Those were extremely tough times for everyone, and for us in the live music industry, there were moments when it seemed like we wouldn’t get to the other side. Through sheer grit and determination (and a lot of belt-tightening), we managed to weather the pandemic in time to prepare for what would have been an amazing 10-year anniversary edition of the festival.

We are continually grateful that you purchase tickets to the festival, that international artists choose us as a destination, that local artists perform amazing sets on our stages, that our partners and food vendors choose to work with us, many of them year after year. We are a humble, homegrown business, and we do this for the music community, for the music lovers, for the dreamers. We truly do this for you.

We are deeply saddened by what happened and know it is important to present a refund mechanism to help offset the costs that many of you have faced. The mechanism is not perfect, and it may not satisfy everyone fully, but we hope you understand that we are trying to fairly compensate ticket holders as best we can. As you choose your refund option, please bear in mind that we want to be able to continue to put on this Malaysian festival that we love and are proud of and that we hope brings joy to you too; we want GVF to survive. If you can spare or defer any amount of your refund, it would be greatly appreciated and go a long way towards helping to #SaveGVF.

Our Good Vibes community, thank you for your patience and support. We hope that you, like us, believe that Good Vibes Festival is something all Malaysians can be proud of and is worth saving.

The Future Sound Asia team


#GVF2023 ticketholders will be able to choose from the following refund options:

You can request for a partial refund only and
contribute the balance
of your refund to #SaveGVF
You can #SaveGVF by forfeiting your refund, and convert your #GVF2023 ticket to a ticket for #GVF2024 or #GVF2025 which will also include a MYR 100 beverage voucher
You can completely forfeit your refund without converting your #GVF2023 ticket, and contribute the full refund amount to #SaveGVF
You can request for a refund
of your #GVF2023 ticket

The refund submission period is from
14 August 2023 - 10 September 2023.

3% ticketing fee is non-refundable.